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X-foliating Manicure
$12 (Men:$13)
Our signature manicure includes: Cuticles are softening and smoothed, nails and hang nail are trimmed and reshape follow by a relaxing hand and shoulder massage,. Your choices of polish or natural buff finish.
Deluxe X-foliating manicure
  • W/Green tingling mask
  • W/Guccio Nalturale scentual spa
A premium nails care that beneficial to skin as well, with mineral exfoliating crystals to remove dead skin cells, followed by green tingling masque or choices of the exotic scents: Milk & honey, Pomegranate & fig; Papaya & Guava or Tuscan citrus & Clary sage (when you choose the Cuccio Naturale spa treatment), heat-ed towel wraps, and aroma hand cream to reveal smoother and tounger looking hand.

Add Natural Firewalker Manicure (Nu-Skin): $70
Soak Off Gel manicure
($25 & $28 for French/American)
Last up to 3 weeks with-out chipping, cracking or smudging.

For those who like a great looking nails enhancement with-out the hassle maintenance or up keep of artifi-cial nails. It’s on like nail polish, off easy with a dap of polish remover. (or for $5.00 we can remove it for you) with-out damage to you real nails.
Spa Pedicure
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X-foliating Spa Pedicure
Our lavish signature pedicure comes with your toe nails trim and shape, cuticles are smoothed, caluses are remove w/pumice stone follow with skin exfoliate to remove dead skin, stimulating lotion massage, and foot cream to reveal healthier feet. Your choices of a natural buff or polish finish.
Deluxe Spa Pedicure tingling Green Tea masque
A real treat for tired and dried feet, this pedicure is infused w/fresh lemon, which helps tone the skin, callus-es are completely treated w/callus treatment gel, followed by Citrus Scrubs and anti-oxidant moisture masque and a vigorous massage to leave feet looking soft, glowing and youthful.
Deluxe Thermal (Hot Oil/Stone) Spa Pedicure
A new heights of our Deluxe Spa Pedicure. We top it off with a vigorous hot oil or hot stone massage you will leave the saln feeling like you have a new pair of feet.

Add Natural Firewalker Pedicure (Nu-skin) – Pedi: $47
Deluxe Signature Spa Pedicure
Our top of the line signature spa pedicure designed to give you an extraordinary spa experience. Cuccio Natu-rale’ is a series of scented spa treatments featuring soothing soaks, exfoliating organic sea salts, refreshing spa elixirs, regenerating skin cell deep dermal vitamin enriched wraps, extended massage and hydrating body choose:
  • Milk & Honey:
    Infuse your skin with milk proteins that soften and condition while the natural humectant of honey hydrates and nourishes your skin (Soothing and Moisturizing)
  • Pomegranate & Fig:
    Ruby-red pomegranate embodies nature’s most potent anti-oxidant, skillfully fighting damaging free radicals to promote younger & timer looking skin (Anti-aging Revitalizing)
  • Papaya & Guava:
    The powerful natural fruit enzyme of papain pro-motes skin cell renewal while guava’s nourishing vitamins and nutrients refine the skin’s texture and tone (Regenerating & Healing)
  • Citrus Herb & Clary Sage:
    Rejuvenating Vitamin C adds clarity, brightness & firm-ness to your skins complexion. Moisture-balancing Vitamin E equalizes & replenishes your skin (Energizing & Balancing)
Artificial Nails
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  • Full Set
  • Fill-In
Acrylic nail is standard foem of artificial nails. It is formed by combining a polymer powder and liquid monomer compound.
Acrylic nails usually last about 2 weeks between fill-in.
Powder Gel
  • Full Set
  • Fill-In
A combination of specially formulated acrylic powder and a gel layering to create a beautiful set of nails. The acrylic powder will give your nails it strength with the gel layer keep it shine and free from damaging effect of sun ray and/or moistures so
  • Full Set
  • Fill In – Pink & White
    $28/21 (Pink)
Extra Service:
  • Colors Tip
    $5.00 extra
  • Gel layer on top
    $3.00 extra
Solar nails are currently the best form of artificial/acrylic nails in the field due to the strength and clarity of the Solar acrylic powder and the abilities to create a set of acrylic nails w/beautiful, vibrant colors or a timeless French manicure look. With Solar powder the colors are in the powder so there no worry about color fade or smudging once its done there’s no drying time needed so you can walk out the door and enjoy your new nails.
Crystal Nails
  • Full Set
  • Fill In
Shine, strong and translucent acrylic powder with the addition of the of gel powder makes the nails as strong as solar but more shine and clear. It can go with clear tip to give you a natural look or with color tips to create a fun colorful set of nails.
Silk Wrap, Diamond and Liquid Gel
(Please inquired with us for pricing)
Just a few other forms of artificial nail that are offered by us they are all have the same appearance as Acrylic but far less durable. It is recommended mostly for those that have allergic to Acrylic nail.
Kids Menu
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Princess Mani
Princess Pedi
Princess Mani/Pedi
Polish Change
SNS Nails
sns nails
Pink or Color
Additional Services
French or American
(with manicure, pedicure, Soak off gel or artificial nails)
Nail art, design (on any two nails)
Nail repair (each)
Cut down
Take Off
Sugar scrub or Masque
Callus treatments (w/Pedicure)
Extra massage w/hot oil, hot stone (10 minutes)
Eye Brows Services
  • Eyebrows